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Test Hoka One One Rocket X vs Carbon X 2

My Take on Tech! HOKA Rocket X versus HOKA Carbon X2

I was looking for awhile for a dynamic, light and stable pair of shoes ideal for triathlon; Not easy to find given the many models available, and the criteria specific to the long distance triathlete given that running comes after cycling! As all triathletes know, the legs do not respond the same as for a single road running race!

I have long been a fan of Japanese brands, but in recent years I have often been disappointed by the lack of continuity in their models and constant changes in materials. In short, many factors to get lost for a simple purchase! Other brands have interesting models, but then you have many parameters that come into play such as excessive weight, lack of stiffness of the shoe, water evacuation, etc…, which depending on climatic conditions can be problematic.

Nowadays, with all the technologies, I think it is good to put all your chances on your side without effort. I had hesitated for a long time, but with the current races circumstances, I said to myself: “it's the right time to take the plunge and try this famous Hoka!"

I looked through the Hoka models and these 2 models came out for race performance: The Carbon X2 and the Rocket X.

Which one to choose ? For what kind of person?

By testing these two shoes, these 2 models have nothing identical. Here is what comes out:

=> The Rocket X is slightly lighter than the Carbon X 2

=> The sole of the Carbon X 2 is harder than the Rocket X

=> The sole of the Carbon X 2 is wider at the metatarsals, which makes it a more stable shoe than the Rocket X

=> The sole of the Carbon X 2 is curved while the Rocket X is flatter but with a more pronounced angle at the metatarsals.

=> The sole of the Carbon X 2 has more grip than the Rocket X

In conclusion :

If you have a stable foot, choose the Rocket X

If you have an unstable foot, choose the Carbon X 2, but also grab a pair of March 4s for endurance runs and whenever the X2 are too demanding with their hardness.

Hoping to have helped you if you have any doubts about trying out Hoka or choosing one of their models.

Have a great run!

In Sport,



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