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In 2007, I began triathlon during my university studies in Paris, where I joined the Racing Club de France. From the beginning, I was attracted to the challenge to surpass oneself, and thus the Iron distance appealed to me the most. One year later, I raced my first Ironman simply to be a finisher in 10h14. Two weeks later, I was racing another Ironman in 9h30. The addiction to surpass myself was just the beginning! In 2009, I entered the Top100 in Hawaii. In 2010, I entered the Top25 in Hawaii, and won the Amateur Ironman World title with the Amateur record of 8h40’22 with a 22nd place overall; I was only 24. That same year I had entered 3 Top 10 at the other 3 Ironman I competed in, winning in all 3 the Amateur title (Ironman South Africa, Austria, & Cozumel). All went really quickly, turning Elite without realizing it really. The dynamic was slowed to build myself now as a Elite and true contender. It requires some tumbling with now 14 years, 1 Elite qualification in Hawaii, 19 Top 10 with 6 Top 5 and 2 Runner-Up  on Ironman. Now, the best still has to come, as the thirst to surpass myself hasn’t been satisfied ;-)


Nickname: Joker


Favorite music: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite food: Indian & Japanese foods

Favorite quote:  << To believe in something, and not live it, is dishonest  >> (GANDHI)

How you relax: Meditation

How you prepare for a major event: Each day is an opportunity to work hard to reach my goal


Career highlights:


- Elite Vice EUROPEAN Champion Long Distance Triathlon (European Triathlon Union, ITU) 2013

- Elite Runner-Up IRONMAN Los Cabos 2013

- IRONMAN Personal Best 8h07 IRONMAN Cozumel 2017

- WORLD IRONMAN Amateur All-Category Champion with race record 2010 (8h40'22)

- 4 x IRONMAN Champion Amateur 2010


- 19 Elite Top 10 with 6 Elite Top 5 and 2 Runner-Up IRONMAN races


- 3 x IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Qualifier including Elite category 2009-2010-2012

- Duathlon and Triathlon STATE Champion 2010

- 1st Division Duathlon Team in France 2006

- 1st Division Cycling Team in France Under-23

What some happy tennis students say:  
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