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Passionate about the triple effort, I knew from my experience in endurance sport throughout my youth and teens (in particular, cycling and running) that I would accomplish great performances. With the gained discipline, rigor, ethic, and later self-coaching, I was able to become the all-category amateur world champion in Kona 2010. I have since turned professional and I have been fortunate to train under renowned coaches and to train-race around the world. To this date I continue to endeavor racing professionally and to reflect on how to continuously advance in my field as an athlete, coach and person.


Sharing my passion and knowledge with others is part of my growth in the sport, and I am looking forward to meet and coach triathlete enthusiasts with the only objective to work together to reach your own height! 


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, to find out more on how I can be the right coach for you, and we will work together on the best training plan option for you!

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