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Challenge Miami 2021

Back on the first competition of the season which took place last week in the suburbs of Miami at the NASCAR Speedway Miami, Homestead. It was great to be able to start a race in these difficult times. With Covid-19 circumstances, we had to do 2 tests before the race to take part of it. It was a good thing given the international field of the race.

We were all gathered at the same hotel, which was nice to meet other professional athletes.

Swimming pool access with specific hours, a bike room on WAHOO Kickr and host hotel treadmills. In addition, we had access to the NASCAR speedway for swimming, cycling and running to be able to train and practice on course. Everything was gathered to have a great race.

I was confident at the start even though I knew that I would have to be 120% with the stellar field. Unfortunately, my preparation was limited with my training to become a certified coach, and thus I could not be at this stage of performance …

The swim went well in a strong mix. At this point of the race, I was in the race! It was actually the only time. For cycling and running, I missed the rhythm, which from the start of the bike stuck me ... At that moment, I said to myself: "there is no surprise, take advantage to be here racing, give the best on the circuit and go to the finish line!” I finished far from the first, but happy to cross this finish line.

Thank you again Challenge North America, Challenge Family, PTO and USA triathlon as well as all the sponsors of the race who made this possible!


Credit Photo : Talbot Cox, Anne Basso


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