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Past 2 years and next !

The past 2 years were not easy with many struggling races like finishing out of the Top-10 at IRONMAN Boulder in June 2018 in 9h04 (11th place), which had not happened since 2010! At the same time, I can also be proud of my personal best on a challenging course at IRONMAN Cozumel in November 2017. I clocked a 8h07 or still the 6th Best French Performance of all-time after A.Costes (Barcelona-17), C.Viennot (Copenhagen-18 & Roth-16), D.Chevrot (Australia-14) and P.Vernay (Australia-07).

Hard to know the reasons, but for sure there was a lot of mistakes such as: choice of races, training, taper and surroundings. Many factors surely came into play and need to be changed to launch a good start in 2019 and wish for good performance and consistency.

Good news the KPR does not exist anymore for the professional. Now, one strong race can bring the Kona qualification which can help me define more sharply my goals to shine.

My first race of the season is 70.3 Campeche in Mexico.

See you around at races or training!


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