Past 2 years and next !

The past 2 years were not easy with many struggling races like finishing out of the Top-10 at IRONMAN Boulder in June 2018 in 9h04 (11th place), which had not happened since 2010! At the same time, I can also be proud of my personal best on a challenging course at IRONMAN Cozumel in November 2017. I clocked a 8h07 or still the 6th Best French Performance of all-time after A.Costes (Barcelona-17), C.Viennot (Copenhagen-18 & Roth-16), D.Chevrot (Australia-14) and P.Vernay (Australia-07). Hard to know the reasons, but for sure there was a lot of mistakes such as: choice of races, training, taper and surroundings. Many factors surely came into play and need to be changed to launch a good start i

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